Project Factory CIC

What will you do today?

Project Factory CIC is a social enterprise working with the community and enterprise to share knowledge and create potential. We organise events, develop collaborations and sustainable projects with community partners, and we run a range of courses.

Project Factory CIC is building on the success of the Wake Up Wells initiative which conducted community surveys, held a stakeholder conference and celebrated the community by bringing over 120 community groups and our residents together in a community day and Lantern Parade.

We want to connect, collaborate, communicate and celebrate with you - our community. Let's have some fun!

Project Factory CIC Wells Lantern Parade 2020.mp4

Wake Up Wells Lantern Parade 2020

Thank you to everyone who made a lantern, helped at our workshops, came to the Parade, especially Somerset Skills & Learning for funding it all and Jamma de Samba for just being brilliant. Video ©Off Grid Films