Project Factory CIC

What will you do today?

See our Events page for information on Sew Buntiful Wells and Light Up Wells projects

We did it! Thank You!

Thank you for your help, your comments helped us provide Wells City Council with the evidence it needed to help secure the Annexe as an asset of community value. This gives us a six month moritorium to get a bid approved before Somerset County Council can sell it. Wells City Council have put a substantial bid in to buy the property for the community.

For more info:

Project Factory CIC is a social enterprise working with the community and enterprise to share knowledge and create potential. We organise events, develop collaborations and sustainable projects with community partners, and we run a range of courses.

Project Factory CIC is building on the success of the Wake Up Wells initiative which conducted community surveys, held a stakeholder conference and celebrated the community by bringing over 120 community groups and our residents together in a community day and Lantern Parade.

We want to connect, collaborate, communicate and celebrate with you - our community. Let's have some fun!

Covid is in our community.

Are you self-isolating, shielding or vulnerable?

Call WCN on 01749 467079 so that we can help you with:

  • getting your grocery shopping,

  • deliveries of pharmacy goods and medicines,

  • general advice,

  • a friendly chat and a listening ear.

Wondering what it takes to provide this service to our community?

It takes small acts of kindness from people like you.

Please consider whether there's anything you can contribute to help protect and support the most vulnerable and isolated people in Wells. Whether you can spare a few pounds, an hour of your time or some helpful skills, we would love to hear from you. And if you just want to help and you're not sure how, please do give us a call.

Let's come together to keep Wells strong in mind, body and spirit.

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Join us for the Wake Up Wells Community Day

This event has been postponed due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and will now be held on Monday 3rd May 2021

Project Factory CIC Wells Lantern Parade 2020.mp4

Wake Up Wells Lantern Parade 2020

Thank you to everyone who made a lantern, helped at our workshops, came to the Parade, especially Somerset Skills & Learning for funding it all and Jamma de Samba for just being brilliant. Video ©Harry Steele